About Us

We are a bonded, boutique credit repair company, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their credit goals. We are not a credit mill where you sign up & we forget about you. We treat your credit repair as if it’s our own. Whether qualifying for a mortgage, auto or personal loan, credit cards, starting a new business, obtaining employment or insurance, your credit history plays a factor. Raising your credit score by 40 points can save you thousands of dollars a year in interest payments. Your credit report is a blueprint of how you have managed your financial life thus far and if you have a low score, you will be turned down, often when you need it the most.


We understand that bad credit is not your fault. Most people are not educated about credit and make mistakes early on that cost them more than they realize. Or life happens. People lose jobs, get sick & have tragedies occur that disrupt their finances and credit score. Let us help you to restore and rebuild your credit so that you can enjoy the life that you deserve.