The best way to establish credit and build a credit score is to add positive credit to your credit history, along with credit repair, if you have bad credit. If you are concerned about how to build credit when you have no credit or are rebuilding your credit history, then this is the right program for you.


Usually the only options available to obtain credit cards for no credit or credit cards for rebuilding credit are secured credit cards, but they have a high interest interest rate and the limits are very low.  Banks know that there are few options available to build credit when you don’t have any and they take advantage of that but not anymore.


Get approved now for a $5,000 instant primary line of credit which will increase your credit score by 20-50 points or more. If you apply by the 25th of any month, the line will post to your credit report on all 3 credit bureaus, between the 1st-5th the following month. This is the best way to build good credit fast and is more effective to help establish credit than starter credit cards.


The program is only $99 to join, then purchase a $100 item which you can pay half up front and put the remaining balance on your $5,000 credit line.


Click the apply now button below, then click the green “Join Now For Only $99” button to fill out the application. With a fast and easy approval process, by signing up today you are on your way to credit restoration and establishing good credit.

$5,000 Primary Tradeline

Build Good Credit & Improve Your Credit Rating

Monthly Reporting To All 3 Credit Bureaus

Easy Approval Even If You Have Bad Credit